Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh when such clever advertising exists, you can't help but to smile:

Steaming Coffee Manhole Cover

Oh, this is the work of genius. Why waste the precious steam coming from the manhole covers when you can make a perfect coffee ad out of it.
-- Coloribus 

"Benjamin Moore Paints" Billboard

If you work with Pantone, you'll appreciate these billboards for Benjamin Moore Paints

Mirrors as Billboards

A billboard for HSBC uses mirror to put viewers in the driver's seat. There's one more for Playboy on Coloribus where this billboard came from.  

Government Ads on Traffic Light Buttons

Don't know if they are real, but Adpunch says these are "government sponsored guerrilla advertising campaign undertaken in London to garner public support on government policies in the U.K." Would love it if they were real. 

Transit Ad for IWC Watches

Ah, how nice. Try these watches on for size while riding subway to work (or, more likely, a shuttle to your executive jet). Here's a similar idea done in print.
-- frederik samuel 

There are so many hours I could spend posting these, so I hasten you to peruse this site:

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