Saturday, 11 December 2010

Somewhere to be.

 I didn't really want to come home tonight, I was happy wondering the streets of Birmingham ha.
Coming home meant more work, I have issues with my motivation.
I'm not getting any sleep now because i feel I need to make up for it ahhhh this week is a mess.

On a brighter note I went to see Coheed and Cambria / Deftones At the O2 Academy in Birmingham on the 20th Nov. 
They were only supporting Deftones but woah did Coheed give a great time! They couldn't have played better songs.... Its was short but oh soo sweet.  (Deftones were good, just went on for a bit... ha.)

I was quite close to the front, took some reasonable pics and spent my moneys on a drink (£3.95 for a pint!) and fake merch (Standard!).

Heres a simple animation I did to express my excitment of buying the tickets when they went on sale (its very bad... but I was excited LOL.)

Things to think about

Whats lurking in my head?
in no particular order...

I would like to sleep

I have ideas to generate

Many phone calls I wish to make

I would like blogger to type properly

I want quieter flatmates

There are lots of things I need to do, 

There are lots of things I'm not sure I'll ever do :(

Time needs to be managed

Work can and will suck you dry if you let it

Sometimes you can't sleep

I feel ridiculous, not sure if thats going to be a good thing or not

I'm wasting time

Will staying awake lead to anything good?

I want to share my life

 Wondering if I can put up with these kinda of people :

Things you plan never tend to go to plan

Making this list helps

Not sure how it helps

I am excited about things

My life feel complicated now but I guess this is the tip of the Iceberg

I want learn many things and meet many people

I love tactile design

I hate that my ideas are so generic

Things are meaningful/insignificant/challenging/alright

Everything will be okay on Thursday

I can sit in the pub with like minded people after uni 


.... And maybe get some rest.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh dear...

Ha, so I am already failing at this blogging malarkey, I shoulda known...  as soon as I feel I have time enough to pour all of my thoughts and happenings on to whom so ever reads this I shall update. apologies.