Monday, 3 January 2011

Anti-Charity Poster.

My final project of the year, raising the awareness of 'ANTI-CHARITY'.
A2 flush mounted poster. 
(inspired by the graphics of 'lunchbreath' in the last blog ♥.)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Somewhere to be.

 I didn't really want to come home tonight, I was happy wondering the streets of Birmingham ha.
Coming home meant more work, I have issues with my motivation.
I'm not getting any sleep now because i feel I need to make up for it ahhhh this week is a mess.

On a brighter note I went to see Coheed and Cambria / Deftones At the O2 Academy in Birmingham on the 20th Nov. 
They were only supporting Deftones but woah did Coheed give a great time! They couldn't have played better songs.... Its was short but oh soo sweet.  (Deftones were good, just went on for a bit... ha.)

I was quite close to the front, took some reasonable pics and spent my moneys on a drink (£3.95 for a pint!) and fake merch (Standard!).

Heres a simple animation I did to express my excitment of buying the tickets when they went on sale (its very bad... but I was excited LOL.)

Things to think about

Whats lurking in my head?
in no particular order...

I would like to sleep

I have ideas to generate

Many phone calls I wish to make

I would like blogger to type properly

I want quieter flatmates

There are lots of things I need to do, 

There are lots of things I'm not sure I'll ever do :(

Time needs to be managed

Work can and will suck you dry if you let it

Sometimes you can't sleep

I feel ridiculous, not sure if thats going to be a good thing or not

I'm wasting time

Will staying awake lead to anything good?

I want to share my life

 Wondering if I can put up with these kinda of people :

Things you plan never tend to go to plan

Making this list helps

Not sure how it helps

I am excited about things

My life feel complicated now but I guess this is the tip of the Iceberg

I want learn many things and meet many people

I love tactile design

I hate that my ideas are so generic

Things are meaningful/insignificant/challenging/alright

Everything will be okay on Thursday

I can sit in the pub with like minded people after uni 


.... And maybe get some rest.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh dear...

Ha, so I am already failing at this blogging malarkey, I shoulda known...  as soon as I feel I have time enough to pour all of my thoughts and happenings on to whom so ever reads this I shall update. apologies.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh when such clever advertising exists, you can't help but to smile:

Steaming Coffee Manhole Cover

Oh, this is the work of genius. Why waste the precious steam coming from the manhole covers when you can make a perfect coffee ad out of it.
-- Coloribus 

"Benjamin Moore Paints" Billboard

If you work with Pantone, you'll appreciate these billboards for Benjamin Moore Paints

Mirrors as Billboards

A billboard for HSBC uses mirror to put viewers in the driver's seat. There's one more for Playboy on Coloribus where this billboard came from.  

Government Ads on Traffic Light Buttons

Don't know if they are real, but Adpunch says these are "government sponsored guerrilla advertising campaign undertaken in London to garner public support on government policies in the U.K." Would love it if they were real. 

Transit Ad for IWC Watches

Ah, how nice. Try these watches on for size while riding subway to work (or, more likely, a shuttle to your executive jet). Here's a similar idea done in print.
-- frederik samuel 

There are so many hours I could spend posting these, so I hasten you to peruse this site:

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister has to be one of my favourite graphic designers, his work is really expressive and quirky.

Recently I did a presentation on Using Semiotics in Graphic Design for uni, and came across a really interesting and funny podcast of a speech where Sagmeister talks about happiness in design.

Here he makes a great point on a theory on abstraction while talking about an Yves Klein Blue field painting all in the context of design that's made him happy. His observation is that, 'if you abstract an image you merely open as much room for the unrepresentable, and therefore are able to involve the viewer more'. 

Less information brings more involvement and engagement.

He also  talked about other artists and work that really made him smile & happy and one of them was a New York graphic designer named True.

True with his art work based on signage was the main artist i focused the presentation on, wish I could have seen them displayed it's some great guerrilla art. :)